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Compare Popular Electronics for Free.

Evaluate the specs of over 16 million different consumer electronic products from the comfort of your home, office and on the go with TechSpecs.

Buying and selling electronics online just got easier…

Enhanced search functionality.

Our comprehensive library of popular consumer electronics boasts the standardized specs for over 16 million different products, and the list is constantly expanding. This makes it easy, and convenient, to search and compare electronics quickly from home, office and on the go.

Browse on your smartphone.

With just a standard smartphone or tablet, you can replicate the in-store browsing experience virtually, using deep augmented reality. Analyze and test consumer electronics like never before to make better-informed decisions on all your online tech purchases.

Install our app on your IOS or Android device today and unlock an experience you’ll never forget.

Comparing electronics has never been easier.

Get the information you need right at your fingertips, without jumping through hoops or mastering complicated technical skills. Our powerful, user-friendly VS feature makes it easy to instantly compare the specs of millions of great products.

Evaluate camera capability, battery life and more, all from one convenient platform. Finding the perfect device for your needs has never been easier.

Say goodbye to the electronics store.

You won’t need them where we’re going! TechSpecs offers users the ability to compare products using deep augmented reality, replicating the in-store experience of picking up and analyzing products.

The best part? With over 16 million consumer electronics in our library (and more to come) you won’t have to worry about running out of stock… or standing in line… or parking. You get the point.

Swift Share

Share standardized product specs and virtual viewing experiences with your friends and family in seconds using our innovative social media sharing feature.

Smart Embed

Writing a tech review, article, or blog? Embed standardized product specs and virtual experiences into your project to fully immerse your audience.


Make your life easier – our innovative API seamlessly
integrates into a variety of popular platforms.

WordPress users can generate specs automatically, then embed the results into any blog or website.

Make your products stand out by automatically generating and embedding specs to your online store.

In seconds, you can virtually try and view the detailed specs of any product featured in a YouTube video. Learn More

Incorporate our simple, user-friendly API into your custom app projects. Get API

Got an integration idea? Let us know.

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Virtually Close.

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