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TechSpecs Developer Kit

The powerful new framework that puts consumers and the environment first. Experience electronics from the comfort of your home while saving time, hassle and your carbon footprint. Our Kit integrates into your web and mobile projects easily, helping you virtually experience consumer electronic products.

Mobile SDK

Eliminate doubt in its tracks with this all-new try-before-you-buy experience. You no longer have to be physically present to make the right electronic-buying decision. Easily integrate with iOS and Android apps to virtually experience and test consumer electronics.

Glass SDK

Use your augmented reality glasses to help you make the right buying decision every time. Glass SDK allows for a hands free try-before-you-buy experience. Leave doubt behind with the help of TryKit and AR glasses.

TryJS | SpecsJS

JavaScript frameworks that allows you to integrate powerful search, compare and try-before-you-buy experiences into your JavaScript apps.

API Reference

Explore detailed API documentation and the guides you need to learn, create and deploy magical try-before-you-buy experiences.

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